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COnnect cultivates a supportive environment that inspires innovation and connects brilliant minds of aspiring entrepreneurs. COnnect is a co-working and innovation space situated in the heart of the Rawabi Tech Hub, Palestine. COnnect provides private offices, dedicated and common spaces and meeting rooms. COnnect also provides support services for its members including, technical and business planning assistance, administrative services, private phone extensions, prototyping environment and cloud-based services, complementary refreshments and beverages, 3D and regular printing privileges, high speed Internet and a secured environment.


COnnect and Grow your business in the fastest growing technology consortium. Pick your suitable space, be with your community and take advantage of our platform

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COnnect and Build your startup in a nurturing and innovative environment.
Get a seat amongst the ecosystem shakers and movers, and lets get started...

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COnnect and Expand your network, get more business and grow your talents. Be close to your clients, and get an address in the hottest tech hub in Palestine

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at connect we are


A community that values respect, communication and a communial benefit to all


Our community is a product of collaberation. It grows each other and benefits from each other


Open minded community, working from open spaces within open working hours


We are a community that is sharing resources and knowledge to sustain each other


We are reachable by anyone, working anytime, from anywhere, helping each other grow


We are a community that inspires innovation, and works together to elevate development

Events & workshops

COnnect hosts an array of workshops, training programs, and guest speakers for both its members and the tech eco-system. With the aim of nourishing the minds and sharpening the skills of the Palestinian entrepreneurial scene to build capable individuals, talents and outstanding products.

Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city, is a bold initiative representing a new population center for Palestinians and a sustainable long-term growth for the Palestinian economy through job creation and entrepreneurship facilitation. The new city integrates international best practices for urban master planning, sustainable environmental policy, regionally-suited architecture and state of-the-art infrastructure for residents, enterprises and visitors.


Rawabi is a new city for Palestinian Families. It will provide opportunities for affordable home ownership, employment, education and leisure; creating an attractive environment to live, work and grow. Best of all, Rawabi is a true quality of life well within the financial reach of many young Palestinian families.


Rawabi’s business district will be an ICT-enabled, investor-friendly commercial center, unprecedented in Palestine. Its commercial activity will be launched from a hub of high-tech and research-related businesses in a variety of sectors. These local and international activities will provide rewarding jobs for Palestinians.


The hills within the Ramallah region offer a fertile and historic landscape influenced by natural processes and human interaction. Steeply sided valley channel through the rolling terrain forming a challenging and spectacular setting for the Rawabi development and community.

Tech hub

From the center of Palestine's frist SmartCity, Hi-Tech infrastacture, advanced facilties, with aspirastions to create opprotunities for Palestine.



Bader is a Palestinian early-stage fund and entrepreneurs’ ICT incubator, with focus on innovation and pioneering new technology companies.



Bringing to Rawabi City its Shopping Centers, Entertianment, Food Courts, Cinemas, Indoor Theme Park, the Palesine's Family #1 destination.