COnnect growing community of startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers are working side by side to inspire and pushes each other to continuously produce better, more efficient and optimized results. Innovation from Palestine is on track to reaching a high stand in the regional and international arena.

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Ideal specializes and operates one of the most advanced vehicle tracking system in the country with their own mapping grids; with over 4000 vehicles in its fleet. Currently Ideal Solutions are expanding its portfolio into development of home grown solutions in various sectors targeting the local and international markets. Ideal focusing is using with advanced mapping technologies with the integration of AI and deep learning.


WebTeb's goal is to provide Arabic-language comprehensive health and medical information so that its Arabic-speaking users can live better and healthier lives. We publish exclusive and high-quality evidence-based medical information and continuously update it. We are managed by a professional team that includes doctors, editors and programmers. We strive to be the leading professional and reliable source of information for Arabic-speaking users and to provide a platform for their interaction with health practitioners, hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, therapists, and health education institutions.


Imagry is developing a cameras-only level 4/5 self-driving platform that amounts to a fraction of the cost of traditional Lidar, Radar & HD GPS-based solutions. Our AI technology is based on Deep Inverse Reinforcement Learning algorithms which accelerate the training and performance of its unified software solution (end-to-end perception, planning, and control), especially in complex unseen scenarios.


AD3 is an architectural services firm. It provides architectural design for exterior and interior spaces, supervision, 3D visualization and animation services. AD3 is collaborating with electromechanical and structural professional consultants to provide full package of tender documents and specifications. AD3 uses high end and advanced computer software’s and hardware to produces its services.



Read what our members are saying about their experience

"Connect gave us the opportunity to meet and work with brilliant minds, on projects lightyears ahead of its time... The space sparks creativity, and pushes you to be on top of your game."

Saleem & Shada, Freelancers
"Being at Connect help us attract driven talents to expand our team... It also, gave us the opportunity to meet investors, and sector shakers and gave our project unexpected exposure."

Mohammad Waheed, Founder, Ideal Solutions

Tech hub

From the center of Palestine's frist SmartCity, Hi-Tech infrastacture, advanced facilties, with aspirastions to create opprotunities for Palestine.



Bader is a Palestinian early-stage fund and entrepreneurs’ ICT incubator, with focus on innovation and pioneering new technology companies.



Bringing to Rawabi City its Shopping Centers, Entertianment, Food Courts, Cinemas, Indoor Theme Park, the Palesine's Family #1 destination.